Friday, May 24, 2024

Pomos - Day 2 - Kato Pyrgos

 The wind had picked up during the night so we awoke to the waves crashing against the rocks below.

After breakfast we took the short drive to the small village of Pachyammos where we visited the church of Agios Raphael.The church is fronted by a large square and at the rear of the church are superb views of the coast line.

We then took the scenic drive that heads inland and steeply weaves it's way through the Pafos forest. The temperatures noticeably dropped as drove through this meandering forest road with its dramatic views to the coastline below.

We then dropped quickly back to the coast and enter the town of Kato Pyrgos. We strolled through the tree line main street stopping to see the magnificent Oak tree.

We then stopped off for a coffee before visiting the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, the local fishing shelter and the small amphitheatre. 

We headed back Pomos and stopped off at the 
Kanalli Restaurant that overlooks Pomos fisherman's harbour and the spectacular view of the surrounding bay.

At the Kanalli Restaurant we enjoy a very good grilled fish lunch.

A visit to Pomos - Day 1

 We drove from Pissouri to the North West coast of Cyprus, heading for the small village of Pomos. The coast road from Polis is a lovely drive,  with the sea on one side and the Paphos forest on the other.

We stopped off for lunch at the Santa Barbra restaurant that sits right on the beach.

We carried onto Pomos and booked into the Mourayio apartments. We had a lovely apartment overlooking the sea with it's own shaded courtyard. 

From the courtyard it was a short stroll down through the private garden to a secluded beach.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Under 17 Euros Football and The Big Potato

 Along with Judith and Paul, we drove over to the Larnaca area of the Island. Our first stop was at the village of Pyla where we had coffee's at the Platia bar in the village square.

We then drove on to the village of  Xylofagou, we stopped off to see The Big Potato statue that marks this area for its numerous potato growing fields. We made our way over to The Tavernaki restaurant for a fine lunch.

We then headed over to the Stadium Dasaki Achnas stadium, stopping off for a quick drink at The Temple of coffee, where we met the parents of one of the Welsh players.

We strolled over to the stadium and mixed with a number of other Welsh fans.

Then on a very warm evening we took our seat to watch the under 17 Euro finals match between Wales and Denmark. The Danes ran out worthy winners 2-0.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Fashion show and a Day at the races

 A charity fashion show was held poolside at the Pissouriana hotel in Pissouri. All the models were local residents, everyone had an enjoyable afternoon and funds were raised for a local hospice.

The following day we joined a bus trip from Pissouri to a hearse racing meeting in the Island's Capitol, Nicosia.

After a spot of lunch we got down to the task of trying to pick out a couple of winners. Sadly we only managed to back one winning horse but we had a great day out with lots of laughs.

Sunday, May 05, 2024

The Holy Miss Flaps, Shania Twain tribute and Greek Easter

 Mandy joined the ladies of Pissouri who made their way over to Mesogi to watch the comedy show performed by "The Holy Miss Flaps". The ladies had a hoot watch the show in gorgeous sunshine.

On Good Friday a gang of Pissourians made their way over to the village of Mandria to see Maddie Roberts perform her tribute act to Shania Twain. The guests were treated to a top notch show.

On Sunday morning we awoke to high winds, dark skies, heavy rain and a thunder storm.

The heavens cleared and we went down to Pissouri square to see the celebrations. Sadly after an hour or two the rains began and the temperatures dropped.