Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cari's 3rd Birthday, a fire in Pissouri bay and more restrictions lifted

Back in the UK our Goddaughter, Cari, celebrated her 3rd birthday. We asked what she would like as a birthday gift and she asked for a Princess dress from the film, Frozen.

One of the restaurants, The Vineleaf, in Pissouri bay suffered severe damage from a fire that started in the early hours of the morning.

The Cypriot goverment announced the lifting of further restrictions as from the 9th June with the opening of 

  • malls
  • airports/airlines
  • ports/cruise ships,
  • catering establishments indoor service but taking into consideration their size and capacity depending on square metres
  • open air theatres and open air cinemas (restrictions on numbers depending on square metres)
  • sports competitions without fans
  • nurseries, kindergartens
  • children’s clubs
  • outdoor children’s play areas

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Restrictions End and 15 Years Anniversary for The Blog

Today is a landmark day on Covid 19 lockdown in Cyprus, from today we no longer need to send  a sms to the goverment or carry our passports.
After 8 weeks on restrictions of movement in Cyprus, the following measures have been taken,
From 21 May:
Elementary school and high schools are opening from May 21st
First and second grade remain closed in high school as well as nursery and kindergartens
SMS messages is completely abolished and
Traffic Ban between 10 pm and 6 in the morning is abolished
Houses allowed in houses of up to 10 people
There will be free movement in parks, marinas squares, etc, making sure that the gathering will not exceed 10 per group - excluding playgrounds.
The hair salon barbershops are reopening, tattoo massage centers
Outdoor catering services are reopen - people will not exceed 10 per group.

The "A New life planned in Cyprus" Blog celebrates its 15 th Birthday, My, how those years have flown by. The blog has been visited by people from 164 different countries. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

High Temperatures Arrive and Fires

As the partial Lockdown continues in Cyprus, the high temperatures have suddenly arrived. The day time temperatures have climbed to 42 degrees C and even at night time it hovered in the high 20's. These extreme temperatures are expected to last several for days.

 Photos by Marcos Foutas

Forests fires  are now a big danger on the Island as several break out around Cyprus.

The Residents of Pissouri are now looking forward to the next stage of the lifting of lockdown restrictions. This is due to happen on May 21 st.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Pissouir Bay Reopens

Taking advantage of the good weather and the lifting of some of restrictions on visiting the beaches of Cyprus, we drove down to Pissouri bay for a walk along the seafront. The place was pretty quiet but the colour of the sea was quite striking.

Back in the UK, some of our family members met up, but they observed social distancing by just chatting through the window.