Tuesday, October 31, 2006

12. Exploring the Melanda coastline.

We took a trip to Melanda which is about 10 minutes drive from Pissouri, the coastline here is rugged with small stony coves. We both said that this would be a great place to watch the sun go down and promised ourselves to return with a picnic and hopefully get some good pictures as the sun sets over Pissouri.

11. Relaxing by the sea

We headed East of Pissouri and spent a lazy day relaxing and reading the Sunday Papers by Curium beach There are 3 tavernas along the beachfront and it a great place to relax with a coffee. Behind the beach is a tall cliff and were watching the paragliders jump off and slowly float down to the beach.We popped into the local store because Mandy wanted some envelopes, unable to find what she wanted she asked the young assistant for some help, the young lady returned with the envelopes, and then said “With these envelopes, if you need to put money inside”, we both listened seriously for the following pearl of wisdom, “then make sure that you put my address on it! and her face broke into a huge grin.

10. Mountains and wine

We took a drive into the mountains and stopped off to wander through the narrow streets, a passing van stopped and a local farmer sold us 4 litres of red wine for 4 Cypriot pounds, we tasted the wine that evening and it was very good.

9. Making contacts

Last night we made our way to the Pissouriana bar, this is the place where the Brits in the area tend to meet. We were greeted by our friends Liza and Dom, Dom and some of his friends were holding a meeting, they plan to Cycle around Cyprus for a charity event in November 2007.This morning we drove up to the mountain overlooking Pissouri, from there you have superb views of Pissouri Bay, Pissouri village and the surrounding hills.

8. Getting Stoned in Pissouri

We flew out from Cardiff airport to Paphos in Cyprus, there were only 19 passengers on the plane so we had plenty of room. We drove to the villa in the village of Pissouri that we had rented and settled in, then we drove to Paphos to buy mobile phones to keep in contact with the outside world.

That night there was a violent electrical storm that caused a certain amount of damage in the area and some local flooding. We woke the next day to find piles of hailstones in the garden, not what we expected to find in Cyprus !

Sunday, October 22, 2006

8. Farewell Gathering & packing.

Mid October and we are begining to pack our things for our trip to Cyprus, Mandy is having trouble deciding what to pack in her case,
"so much she wants to pack, so little room"

Our family and friends gathered up at a local restaurant to wish us well on our travels, it was also a chance to celebrate Lisa’s 25th birthday.

Today in Wales, we have had nothing but constant rain, so hopefully the next entry in the blog will be from the sunnier climes of Cyprus.