Thursday, October 30, 2014

A sad visit to the UK

We learnt the sad News that Mandy's mum, Edith, has passed away in the UK. Edith was a lovely lady and lived to the grand age of 89. After bringing up her five children she travelled around the World alone.

We had to return to the UK to attend the funeral but our travel plans did not quite go the way we wanted. We turned up at Paphos in good time only to find out that our flight had been delayed by 2 hours.

 A large electrical storm with heavy rain then hit the Paphos area meaning that our incoming plane was diverted to Larnaca airport. By the time our plane reached Paphos the airport crew had gone over their working hours. At 2.00 am we were the bussed to Paphos and spent the night at the Azia hotel.

The one thing we did notice was that the mainly British passengers, showed great patience and took the delay with the usual good humour despite the slow updates  of any news from the airline. The next day we returned to Paphos airport and flew to Birmingham airport.

The funeral was held in Redditch and Edith's grandchildren made some very moving and heart felt speeches.
We then drove into Redditch for a bite to eat, as Rob got out of the taxi the heel on his shoe came apart meaning that he had to "clip-clop" along the high street looking for a shoe shop. That brought a smile to our faces at the end of a sad day.

The next day we managed to do some shopping before enjoying our evening meal at the Shahi Palace Indian restaurant, the food and the service were superb.

Monday, October 20, 2014

End of Summer BBQ

The Pissouri residents association held their End of Summer BBQ at the Pine bay club. The guests enjoyed a lovely selection of food followed by an afternoon of musical entertainment.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Miss Debonair Drag show

Local drag artist, Miss Debonair, made a return visit to Pissouri as she performed her very entertaining show at the 1911 club. Using numerous costume changes she had the crowd in stitches with her comedy act.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Honey Buzzard Visits

This beautiful bird, a Honey Buzzard, visited our garden this past weekend. It sat on a wall for a good 5 minutes before soaring into the air.

Being a long distance migrant, the honey buzzard relies on magnetic orientation to find its way south, as well as a visual memory of remarkable geographical features such as mountain ranges and rivers.

It has a rather bulging eye but this is quite normal for the species - they are the only bird of prey without that 'fierce' look which is caused by an overhanging eyebrow, usually thought to be there to keep the birds' eyes shaded from sun when they are out hunting their prey.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A Nice bit of cake

This week Mandy attended a cake making and decorating course in Episkopi with Yvonne's cakes. I can personally tell everyone that all the cakes were delicious.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Sunset Cruise from Paphos

On Sunday evening we, along with 40 other Pissouri residents left the village and made our way down to Paphos harbour, we then boarded the Private Yacht "Sea Star" for a sunset cruise out into the Bay.

There was beautiful sunset as we left the harbour and we all enjoyed a couple of well earned "Sundowners".

After a lovely meal we were entertained by "The Retro show" team and they were excellent.

The night finished off with an onboard fireworks display.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lisa and Shane's Wedding

One a beautiful afternoon we took the short drove over to the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn just outside the village of Nikokieia to attend the Wedding of our friends Lisa and Shane. The ceremony took place in a shaded courtyard in front of family and friends.

 The guests then had drinks while the official photographs were taken. It was then time to sit down for a traditional Cypriot meal at the tables that had been individually decorated and personalised. 

After the meal the guests were entertained by the pool with some Greek dancing and the balancing of glasses on heads. 

Then came a real surprise as the choir of The military wives from Episkopi entered and made the hairs on the neck stand up with some beautiful singing. The guests then danced the night away under the stars. A wonderful wedding and we would like to wish Lisa and Shane a healthy and happy future.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Go Karting at Akrotiri - Shane's Stag day

To celebrate Shane and Lisa's forthcoming wedding, the lads made their way down to Akrotiri Go karting race track for Shane's Stag. Plenty of laughs and a competitive edge made for a good day out.

The Lads then returned to Pissouri and had a few well earned drinks at the Olympus Palace.