Friday, February 26, 2010

Megan's Birthday and Jan and Alun's Wedding

Local Munchkin, Megan, celebrated her 5th birthday with a visit 
 from her two new village "Aunties", Amanda and Mary, she loved her pressies especially the Glitter pack, although Dad, Darren, was'ent too thrilled !

Congratulations to our friends, Jan and Alun, who were married in Las Vegas, All the best for a very Happy future.
The Happy couple flew to Barbados for their honeymoon.


The Ceremony is at This Link

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Petrol Strike

Our phones were ringing Red hot last night as rumours of an Island wide petrol station strike spread like wildfire. We popped down to the local filling station to be met by lines of cars waiting to fill up. 

The reason the Petrol stations went on strike was in retaliation to a goverment order putting a cap on pump prices

Monday, February 22, 2010

A trip to North West Cyprus

Along with our friends, Steve and Mary, we took a weekend trip to the North West coast of the island. Our base was the village of Pomos, which has a picturesque fishing shelter next to a small beach.

We took a drive out to the local dam, this is such a peaceful area where the only sound was the gentle trickle of the overflow of water from the Dam.


From Pomos we drove on to small town of Kato Pyrgos, this is the start of a dramatic drive to Kampos. The winding road clings to the mountain and takes you through the Tylliria hinterland and follows the deep valley of the Pyrgos river.

The village of Kampos sits in a natural valley and has an Alpine feel to it,  most of the buildings having balconies and the older part of the village  has tiny houses  that huddle together in narrow streets.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Glad to be Grey

"Glad to be Grey"....Rob celebrated another Birthday, Thanks to all My Family &  friends for all their good wishes, cards, texts, Facebook comments and Prezzies.
A special mention to my  Darling wife who organised  for my friends to meet down the Pissouriana for a drink to celebrate My birthday.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hiking the Yermasoyia area

Rob and Steve set off on one of ther hikes, the starting point was the village of Yermasoyia, which lies just North-West of Limassol. Leaving the village square they followed the path of the dried up river bed, walking through the cirtus groves until they reached Yermasoyia Dam.


Walking across the Dam wall they hike towards the village of Phinikaria, they spotted numerous Hawks hovering on the currents above. A quick coffee break at the village taverna and then it was time to hike the Korypi escarpment which was a steep climb upto the peak at 582 metres.

At the Peak of Korypi there are some wonderful panoramic views, 
 on the Northern side is the Reservoir, backed by the imposing Troodos mountains and to the South lies commanding views of the Town of Limassol backed by the Medditerean sea.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jan's Hen night

To celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Jan and Alun, thier friends in Pissouri organised a Hen/Stag party in the village. The guys met at the Pissoriana for a couple of drinks and the"Ladies" met at the Symposium tavern for a meze meal.

Jan was dressed as "The horny Devil" and the other  ladies were asked to wear something on their head and there were some great outfits. 

 There was a large tunout  of well wishers showing how popular this couple are, both parties then met up at the Symposium to dance the night away.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Coptic winds, El Fedra El Kibirain have arrived, they have blown here in Pissouri for 3 days, This blog had a reporter on hand to give an update. Click here to hear our Exclusive  Report.