Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pat and Cheryl visit.

Our friends, Pat and Cheryl, fly in from Wales for a week's holiday. We took them up to the villages of Omodos, Platres and Vasa.

We also took them to Cyprus night in Pissouri square where they enjoyed the display of traditional dancing.


Anonymous said...

Pissouri is a fantastic and wonderful place. We have an apartment over there and use the Interwatch Security system to keep tabs on it. Not saying that Pissouri is not safe but we just like to make sure things are ok. The Cypriot night in the square is great - until the next morning!! (hangover from hell usually appears!!)

Hope your having fun over there

Anonymous said...

I read your blog with envy as Pissouri is such a beautiful village which i have enjoyed visiting many times. Your photos jog many pleasurable memories for me.I understand you have met my very special friend Dimitris, he always wondered how I knew what was happening!If you see him tell him Phillipa says Hi.

Rajaram S said...

How often does the CYprus night happen at Pissouri ?

Mandy&Rob said...

Cyprus Night is on Every Wednesday in the Summer Months