Monday, December 17, 2007

“Plastic bag trees“.

We visited Giles and Val Day's house to attend the launch party of Valerie's first book "Plastic bag trees".

The book is a tale of everyday village life in Pissouri and other Cyprus phenomena. Val is Hon secretary of the Paphos writer's group.


Nicki Piper said...

Hi there, I don't Suppose you could help me, but this book by your friend - Plastic Bag Trees - I saw in cyprus earlier this year, and I could kick myself - I didn't buy it, and since then, I haven't been able to find it anywhere, and it is frustrating me to bits because I really wanted to read it!! I'm over in the UK is the only thing so really needed an online store to buy it. Could you do me the hugest favour and find out if there is anywhere I could do this? I would be so so grateful if you could help me!! Yours, Nicki Piper

Mandy&Rob said...

Hi Nicki,

If you write to me at
then I can give you contact details on how to obtain the book..cheers

jennifer said...

Hello Mandy - Very nice web site, and I can see that you are enjoying life here! I hope you don't mind me asking you but I just can't find anything on the internet relating to Valerie Page exept this site! I am at the moment reading Plastic Bag Trees and enjoying every page - presumably aided by the fact that I have lived here for many years and everything she writes is so very true! I recently read a book review in an in-flight magazine, Cyprus Airways I think, about Valerie's book 'Paper Tissue Trees' and no bookshops here have heard of it. Is this the same book but she had to change the title? I hope you can find out for me as I would love to read this also. Thank you for your trouble - best regards, Jenny Spiller, Limassol