Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter in Cyprus

The Cypriot Easter weekend began with a Procession of religious icons through the streets of the village, this was followed by a midnight firework display at the village church.

On Easter Sunday the village square was packed with people for the Easter games and traditional music and dancing.

A "You tube" video of Dancing in the Village square

Taking a break from the festivities we popped down the 1911 club to watch Cardiff Blues rugby club demolish Gloucester by 50 points to 12 in the final of the EDF cup

We then went to a midnight fireworks display in the heart of the village, at 2.00am we were kindly invited into Theo's house for a Traditional Easter meal with all of his family.

The following day, the annual football tournament took place on the new pitch when the married men played against the single men of the village.

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