Friday, May 21, 2010

A hike from Aphrodite's Rock to Geriskipou beach

Steve and I decided to hike from Aphrodite's Rock to Geriskipou  beach, which is just outside the town of Paphos. We estimated that this is a distance of about 23 Kilometres.  Our object was not to touch Tarmac and stay as close as possible to the sea.

The hike started off at the Aphrodite nature trail with a good path, but this ran out and we soon found ourselves scrambling across rocks and beds of sea grass. We also passed through Lemon groves and fields of wheat.

We passed a number of places including a desalination plant, a fish farm and some odd concrete bunker. We moved onto Mandria for a brief stop in Tony's beach bar.

We moved on passing by the airport, this is where the going got a bit tricky as the security fence comes close to the cliff's edge, but we managed to pick a way through.

After the airport we picked up  a good trail along Geriskipou beach  and finished up at Ricco's beach bar  for a well deserved beer.

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