Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Valley Hike

During a break from the constant rain in Cyprus, we decided to hike around the area North of Kouklia. Our starting point was the village of Nikokleia, we made our way  North along the Xeros valley, which climbs 400m up to the villages of Choletria and Stavrokonnou.

We then travelled across county  and made our way down to the village of  Mamonia and the  Diarioz valley, during this part of the hike, someone, I won't mention any names, mislaid the map.

We crossed the Xeros river which had swelled after the recent rains and made our way to the deserted village of Souskiou. The final part of the hike was South following the river to Nikokleia, a hike of about 23 Kilometers

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