Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Moving Home with all that Vinyl

After 5 years of living in our apartment we have decided its time for a move. Our new home in Pissouri is a bungalow with stunning views over Akrotiri bay.

 Boxes, boxes, boxes..... all to be packed and moved to our new home.
 As Mandy says "Rob, you've got all these bloody LP records and you have'ent even got a record player"
But hey, this Vinyl is the soundtrack of my Life.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to Alan, Paul, Steve, Jan and Debs for all their help with our move, you made it so much easier.

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Becca@Locksmith Adelaide said...

It doesn’t matter if you move down the street, to another province or state, or another country. There is a bond of love from the other side that can cross any boundary.
Good luck to all of you.