Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daily Life continues during the Financial Crisis

As another day begins in these historic times in Cyprus we wait patiently for the Cypriot government to announce plan ‘B’ to put before MP’s and the people of Cyprus. As you go about your daily business here all conversations are about one subject, the crisis and in some coffee shops the debate can get quite loud and animated.

Of course, rumours run wild especially when it comes to possible Russian involvement in the bailout, it is rumoured that they would want a percentage of the gas fields that surround the Island, control of one of the Major Cypriot banks and even their own military port, but I stress that these are rumours on the street and on the internet.

Here at a new life planned in Cyprus we have been contacted by a number of various journalists from around Europe asking for our thoughts on the current financial crisis in Cyprus and we have tried in some small way to tell them the truth about the situation, some journalist had heard about Petrol, food and medication shortage, we told them that this was not the case at present.

I must give quick mention to one of  our local Takeaways, The P corner, Pantelis has said " For people Who don't have enough money for food we are open a credit until the bank's will be open don't worry about money...come and eat".... A great gesture, Well don Pantelis.

Stay Tuned as I am sure there will be many twists and turns in the coming days before we see light at the end of the tunnel……

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