Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stags, Wibbles and a Michael Buble tribute

News reaches us from the UK about Lee's Stag weekend to Kilkenny in Ireland. Lee's friends dressed him up in a shocking Pink outfit as a Jedward (popular Irish duo) fan. I am sure that he got plenty of strange looks at Cardiff and Dublin airport.

On Friday evening with went over to Sheena and Bryan's house for a lovely meal and we even learnt what a "Wibble" was.

On Saturday night we trundled down to the 1911 club to watch a Michael Buble tribute act.

On Sunday we drove out to Curium beach for a relaxing lunch, a bask in the sun and a cooling swim in the Med.

Just a quick mention for the "Bluebirds Unite" action group who are trying to reinstate the traditional Blue shirts to Cardiff City Football club.

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