Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pissouri Fitness and The Legion Run

A new fitness group called The Pissouri Fitness Group has started up in the village. The group is run by Stuart Burling and is open to people of all levels of fitness, be prepared to sweat and work. The sessions are held in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere.

On Friday evening we made our way to the Saffron Indian restaurant in Pissouri bay where  we joined by some of the regulars of the Pissouri Fitness group. We enjoyed a few well earned drinks and a superb curry.

One of the items under discussion was the possible entry of the group into The Legion run which takes place in Larnaca, Cyprus in March 2014. A lot of preparation regarding fitness will be needed by the members of the group who sign up for the event.

The Legion Run is a 5 km over a variety of obstacles, including fire, barbed wire and water filled tunnels, it all takes place on a very muddy course.

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