Friday, January 24, 2014

Sailing North to the Snow

We left Labadee and set sail for the return trip to New York City. The onboard activities kept us entertained.The highlights were, the Ice show  which was spectacular and very impressive.

The "Rewind show" which was a song and dance show remembering the songs of Flashdance, Saturday night fever and several other musical films.

The farewell parade on the Royal Promenade. 

The final Crew show was very good and a variety of crew members came on stage and were warmly applauded for all their efforts.

When we arrived back in New York it was a bit of  a shock to find it snowing quite heavily, it was slow progress to make it from Bayonne to JFK airport. When we finally arrived we found out that most flights had been cancelled, thankfully our British Airways flight made it out with just a few hours delay.

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