Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A marriage invitation, a Driving Licence and a Photo from Space

Today we bumped into our old friend, Theo, and he kindly invited to to his daughter's Wedding in the village in September. Maria will be getting married in the local church and the guests are then invited back to Theo's family home.

This week we finally joined the rest of Europe when we received our laminated Cypriot driving licences.

The local Facebook group "I Love Pissouri " are running a photographic competition on their web page and the most popular pictures will be used on local postcards. Our entry  was taken on a walk of Cape Aspro which runs along the Pissouri coastline.

A crew member from the international Space Station (ISS) has tweeted a stunning aerial photograph of Cyprus, taken as the craft passed over the region.
Samantha Cristoforetti tweeted: “Hello #‎Cyprus! And the coastline of #‎Turkey and #‎Syria on the easternmost Mediterranean shores.”
The crystal clear photo, which shows fairly heavy cloud cover for this time of year, also captures the entire island, as well as the coasts of southern Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

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