Thursday, February 04, 2016

Day 3 - St Lucia

We spent a superb day in St Lucia with Spencer Ambose and his daughter, She-She. First thing in the morning we hopped aboard Spencer's speedboat for an exhilarating trip along the coast to the town of Soufriere. 

We transferred to a van and we made our way up to the local mud baths which sit at the bottom of a steaming volcano.

We then headed over to Toraille waterfall to wash of the mud in the refreshing water. We the stopped of at local banana plantation where we learned about the local fruit and tasted the sugar banana. 

Next stop was Captain Hooks bar for a tasty Caribbean lunch before hitting the Jalouise- Sugar beach beach that lies between the Islands famous Pitons, for a couple of hours of sunbathing and snorkelling.

 We jumped back on the speedboat for the journey home, stopping off at some of the bays where the rich and famous have holiday homes and a location where they filmed scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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