Saturday, September 16, 2017

Troodos tour....Part 2

We left Panayiotis and headed East, our first stop was at the village of Evrychou where the Cyprus railway museum is situated. This small but well maintained museum is housed in the old railway station  that was the southern terminal of the Cyprus government railway that ran between 1905 until it's closure in 1951.

We then drove into the village of Kakopetria, we checked into "The Mill" hotel and wandered down to the riverside park with its small waterfall and numerous ducks paddling around the small river.

In the afternoon we explored the Old town, with its narrow streets and alleyways, the tiny houses sat cheek by jowl. 

We then crossed the bridge and strolled along the river, well, more of a babbling brook really, but still very relaxing.

In the evening we ate at the Mill restaurant which is famous for its signature dish of grilled trout.

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