Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Step

2. First Step.

In May 2006 we flew from Bristol airport (UK) to Pafos (Cyprus.) We were met at the airport by our contact, Mark, who drove us to the village of Pissouri where we had rented an apartment for a week.

The following morning we met Mark for a coffee in the village square and he answered numerous questions about making the move from the UK to Cyprus. Mark and his wife, Lyn, had made the same move 4 years earlier and knew the pitfalls about such a move.

There is so much to consider, but we intend to do it one step at a time, the first thing we decide to do is open a bank account, this turns out to be a simple enough task. The bank staff are helpful and assure us that our ATM cards and cheque books will be ready for collection in a couple of days time, as true as their word they are available on the day.

The next task is to pick up a hire car from the local rental company in Pissouri(Nicos Xandris), the lady behind the desk is very helpful and tells us to drop off the car at the airport when we’ve finished with it and to lock the keys in the boot.

In the evening we find ourselves at a local bar called the Sparti bar and we meet Liza and Dom who have recently made the move from the UK. Liza tells Mandy that she is a midwife at the local Limassol hospital, now Mandy is a nurse, so this turns out to be a good contact for her and they spent the evening discussing nursing in Cyprus….Rob watches the football !

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