Sunday, June 25, 2006

Welcome to our Blog

1. Welcome to our Cyprus Blog.

We are in the process of trying to sell our house and planning to start a new life in Cyprus. In May 2006 we visited Cyprus on a fact finding trip and were based in the village of Pissouri (a mountain top village between Limassol and Pafos.)

We made a couple of good contacts on this trip, took in a lot of useful information and generally explored the surrounding area.

What are our reasons for the move ? well, there are a few, the Winter weather in the UK, the slower pace of life on the Island, the outdoor life, cost of living in the UK and a desire to live in a Mediterranean country.

So hopefully this blog will be a record of our planned move to the Island of Cyprus, if nothing else it will be an adventure but we hope it will lead to a new life, new experiences, new friends and a few laughs…Lets Go !

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We love Pissouri its a fantastic place, great views, great places to eat and friendly locals. I hope that the developers on the island don;t go to mad and start building too much their as it might spoil the village. The bay is really nice too and the sea is gorgeous.

We too have a property there and have just come back. When we arrived we found a leaflet from a company called Interwatch Security who provide surveillance solutions over there. I contacted them last week and have arranged for them to come round and give us a quote (this will be done via our property maintenance company). I was just wondering if you had received anything from them?