Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Petrol Strike

Our phones were ringing Red hot last night as rumours of an Island wide petrol station strike spread like wildfire. We popped down to the local filling station to be met by lines of cars waiting to fill up. 

The reason the Petrol stations went on strike was in retaliation to a goverment order putting a cap on pump prices


The pale observer said...

Sounds familiar - these things would be unheard of in the Western world. but after all these years in Africa, I'm used to seeing a chalkboard at the entry to the petrol stations saying "PLEASE - NO FUEL"

Still, it's shocking and annoying!!

Holli in Ghana
ps- thanks for the comment over on Holli's Ramblings

Bunty said...

Life in Cyprus sounds so similar to life here in Malta. The slightest word about petrol shortage etc and the queues are miles long! I suppose there is a lot of similarity between the two islands, one with the obvious Mediterranean culture and secondly both having the British links.
Never been to Cyprus apart from landing at the airport on the way to Dubai........maybe one day :))