Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hiking the Yermasoyia area

Rob and Steve set off on one of ther hikes, the starting point was the village of Yermasoyia, which lies just North-West of Limassol. Leaving the village square they followed the path of the dried up river bed, walking through the cirtus groves until they reached Yermasoyia Dam.


Walking across the Dam wall they hike towards the village of Phinikaria, they spotted numerous Hawks hovering on the currents above. A quick coffee break at the village taverna and then it was time to hike the Korypi escarpment which was a steep climb upto the peak at 582 metres.

At the Peak of Korypi there are some wonderful panoramic views, 
 on the Northern side is the Reservoir, backed by the imposing Troodos mountains and to the South lies commanding views of the Town of Limassol backed by the Medditerean sea.

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The scenery is simply gorgeous. There's just something about the mediterranean that makes the skies bluer and the grass greener.