Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hiking the Archimandrita area

Another, day, another hike,driving North of Pissouri we decided to hike in the Archimandrita area. Our first stop was to check out the New wind turbine farm that is being built in the hills above Kouklia. The farm is due to site 41 turbines producing 82 MW of electricity.

We then moved onto  the Village of Pano Archimandrita and made our way down to "The Cave of The Fathers", it is said that this is a shrine to 318 Holy men that were killed in the area, the site still had relics and skulls from that time.

We then headed down into the Khapotami valley, weaving through the Olive tree groves until we came to the small river that flows through the valley and the site of an ancient arched bridge. We then trekked through some rough scrubland until we reached the abandoned village of Kato Archimandrita, before hiking back up the fire breaks to our starting point.

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