Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiking the Xeros River area

On a bright,  Spring morning, Steve and I made our way over to the Xeros valley (East of Paphos) for a hike along the Xeros River.

 Our Starting point was the village of Chorletria, which was substantially damaged in the 1953 earthquarke, the ruined buidings are still to be seen among the newly built villas.

The walk follows the crystal clear waters that stream down from the Troodos to the Asprokremnos reservoir. 

We then hiked East over the hills that climb to 500m before turning  South.  We came upon an Ostrich farm and noticed their large eggs on the ground.

We the came upon the ruined buildings of the old village including the village  church with its collapsed roof.

We then meandered down to the reservoir to cool off  and take a well deserved drink.

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