Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The church of ST. ANDREAS on the occasion of its forthcoming Birthday

This coming weekend Pissouri celebrate the birthday of St Andrea and the village church who is named after the Saint.

The Church of Apostle Andrea was built with voluntary work by the good-willing residents of the community in 1883. Work on the construction of the Church lasted around twelve years.

The stone is built originates from areas of villages Anogyra and Prastio and were in the village with carriages that dragged Cypriot donkeys.
The Church is built in Gothic Shape.

The space is built was used as the village's cemetery until 1912.
The Church is famous for its carved wooden iconostasis, which is a true work of art and was constructed in 1890. The construction period of the last 10 years because of the instruments of that era.

The first Church Bell, weighing 100 kilos, was renowned and when it struck the sound could be heard at a distance of 15 km.
The Church has a very nice and ancient icon of the Virgin Mary that is 200 years old. All the pictures that adorn the famous iconostasis, are more than 120 years old.

A virtual tour of the Church...Click here

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