Monday, September 29, 2014

The City of Thessolaniki

We took the local bus from Perea into the City, our first stop was the impressive water front that that overlooks the Thermaic Gulf. The waterfront has a number of statues both classical and modern.

 The largest statue is that of Alexander the Great on his trusty steed, Bucephalus. 

The next stop was the famous White tower which an iconic monument of the city. The White tower is was a former prison and place of execution.

We the hopped aboard the "History of Thessaloniki"  bus that gives you a snapshot of the historical monuments which have created the City's history.We hopped off the bus at Ano Poli (Upper town) and explored the Byzantine fortification walls which were constructed in the 4th century. 

 We then had lunch at a small taverna where a cheerful cook grilled lamb and chicken in front of us as we enjoyed a well earned beer.

One thing that really strikes you in the city is the amount of graffiti that is sprayed on virtual any surface available.

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