Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rateswitch and trip to Aphrodite's brewery

 Lee has launched his new company in the UK "Rateswitch"

Lee's description....." It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of RateSwitch - a mortgage comparison service that will facilitate significant monthly savings for millions of homeowners across the UK.
Unlike traditional comparison websites, RateSwitch sources the competitive 'retention' deals that customers are able to access via their current mortgage lender - without the intervention of a credit check or full affordability assessment.
Visit us at today at
We'll be adding many more mortgage lenders to the platform over the next few days"

On a warm Summer's day we joined the locals of Pissouri  on a coach trip to Aphrodite's Rock micro brewery which is situated North of Paphos. The selection of beers was superb and the meals served up were very tasty.

The day started off bright sunshine, then suddenly  the clouds rolled in and we had a down pour of rain before the day ended in a beautiful Summer's evening.

There was a smashing atmosphere and plenty of laughs throughout the day.

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