Monday, June 20, 2016

Forest Fire, PRA dinner and Father's day

As a heatwave hits the Island of Cyprus with temperatures climbing into the high 30's a huge forest fire erupted in Argaka (Paphos region.)

 Israel said Saturday it was sending firefighting planes to the blaze in Cyprus, returning the neighboring island's helping hand when the Jewish state suffered a devastating forest fire in 2010.

 "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that firefighting planes be sent to Cyprus to help put out a giant fire that is raging in Paphos," on the island's west coast.

On Sunday we made our way over to the Two friends restaurants where the PRA were holding their Summer Dinner. The music was provided by "Andros" who  was superb on the guitar.

Meanwhile in South Wales, little Jude took his Dad, Lee, out for a Father's day lunch.

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