Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Festivities Begin in Pissouri

The Christmas festivities began with the annual FOG (friend of the guides) quiz held at The Pissouriana hotel. The event was well attended and our team "Mandy's Muffins" managed a respectable second place. Certain members of our team believe that we could have won if we had known the difference between Lily Allen and Diana easy mistake to make !

The next day we decided to put up the Christmas, it took a while before the mistress of the house decided on the exact position.

Thankfully, Christmas in Cyprus is not as big  as it is  in the UK where your bombarded with hype and adverts from the end of September.

The weather has perked up this weekend and with the warm sunshine and temps around the 18 degree mark we could enjoy breakfast on the patio and watch the mist rise from the valley below.

The kids of Pissouri hosted their Christmas Carol event in the square, sadly we could not attend because Mandy was feeling "under the weather"

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Every cloud has a silver lining and Mandy being stuck in the house meant  that she could concentrate on making her signature dish, Steak and Ale pie. We managed to get a cut of French fillet beef and then Mandy used her unique recipe to make the most wonderful pie.

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