Sunday, December 09, 2012

Log fire and The Mouflons Rugby team

A the nights turn chilly in Cyprus we decided to light our log fire for the first time, we soon had a cosy fire warming the house.

We did try out the new Sawdust briquettes for the first time but we were not impressed with them, they did not burn as efficiently as regular logs.

So with the fire ablaze and nice glass of red wine we settled down to enjoy Mandy's home made Cottage pie.

On Saturday we drove over to Paphos to go to the Paphiako stadium to watch the International Rugby match between Cyprus and Slovenia. Cyprus are on a 16 winning match streak and the Mouflons continued their winning run by closing out the game 49 points to 8.

Sadly the Slovenians did not have the quality to make it a  really competitive game, but they did tackle with gusto and never gave up.

This means the winning streak  for Cyprus reaches 17, one win away from equalling the World record for continuous wins in International rugby.

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