Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cyprus Diving Adventures and Punk in Pissouri.

Cyprus Dive Adventures is a New SCUBA dive centre that has just opened in Cyprus for 2013. Based here in Pissouri it is run by local resident Steve Ford.

 I can personally testify on how good a teacher Steve is as he taught me  to dive on several SCUBA dives. We wish all the team at Cyprus Diving Adventures the best of Luck with their new Enterprise.

Please Visit the Cyprus Diving Adventures website  

On Friday we made our way down to the Giraffe pub to see the debut show of "Vacant". A couple of the lads from the village have put a band together that  pays tribute to the era of punk.

Dean, the lead singer was making his debut  and did a cracking job and had a real stage presence, he also got plenty of support from his numerous friends in the audience.

The other members of the band, Rick, Brian and John gave Dean a great backing and the crowd in the Giraffe all agreed that Vacant had put on a top show.

Meanwhile down in the Mosh pit, 4D was giving it large dressed as Ernest Shackelton, a case of Polar meets I have always said dear reader, Fashion can be a cruel mistress

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ElChe said...

I recommend to dive the Zenobia for anyone who visit Cyprus. It's very exciting wreck with its trucks...
Wreck treks: Zenobia