Thursday, January 11, 2018

A flight to Hanoi- Vietnam...Day 4

 We would both like to thank all the people we met in Bangkok, they were kind, helpful and so courteous, simply said they were a credit to their country.

Leaving Bangkok we took  a  one hour thirty minute flight on a Thai airways flight  to Hanoi, Vietnam.The first thing we noticed on landing at Hanoi airport was the number of military personal on the ground, but they were friendly enough and extremely efficient.

Our young driver collected us at  arrivals and sped us into the City centre and our base for our visit, the Tirant hotel.

Now we have all seen cities that are busy with traffic, but Hanoi is on a totally different level, it's utterly crazy, no lane control, no rules of the road and summed up in one word, chaos, with thousands of scooters moving in every direction and even more blocking the pavements. but somehow it works.  It's mad, it's crazy but it's fun.

So we took our lives in our hands and crossed a busy roundabout to the Famous Legends restaurant that overlooks Joan Hoan kiem lake and  has a birdseye view of a major crossroad in the City.

We then moved onto the Garden house restaurant for a dinner of duck and pork washed down with a few bottles of tiger beer.

We then made our way along to a small bar  which has a terrace overlooking the Old Quarter and had an interesting decor and a balcony overlooking the busy streets of Hanoi.

We finished off our night with  a stroll along the beautifully lit lake with  a truly stunning Red bridge casting a lovely reflection on the water.

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