Friday, January 19, 2018

Nha Trang...Back to our Childhood....Day 11

After a light breakfast we hopped in a cab and Made our way over to the Vinpearl Island entertainment center. You reach the Island by way of a 3,200 metre cable car, the longest over open sea in the World.

The views from the cable cars are quite dramatic as cargo ships pass beneath you. Once we landed at Vinpearl, Mandy surprised me by asking if we could go on the first Rollercoaster that we saw, but boy did she scream the house down. 

To recover we strolled over to "Blooming hill" an absolutely beautiful area of manicured gardens with superb views across the bay to the City. Nearby we toured the huge glass cones with different eco systems inside, the flowers, plants and waterfalls were simply stunning.

We had a mid morning break at replica Japanese tea house that over looked the bay.  Duly refreshed we make our way to to the bird aviary, another wonderful attraction and you walk among hundreds of birds flying around you as duck out of the way including herons, peacocks, hugely colourful parrots and many more species.

I am getting tired here just recalling the day, so then we took a break at one of the restaurants overlooking the bay for a sandwich and a Tiger beer. We continued down to the complex's beach area for a paddle, sunbathe and to watch the water sport, especially the guys using the jet packs to hover over the water.

To finish off our visit we visited the aquarium and watched a hugely entertaining 4D film in their theater when a lot of special effects attacked you in your seat, Cue Mandy for another bout of screaming. So after six hours we decided to make our way back to the City, even though there was more we could have seen, Vinpearl is a hugely impressive complex and for all of the above we paid only 20 euros each.

Arriving back in Nha Trang Rob decided to have his hair clipped, only one problem, a Number two cut in Asia is different from a European cut of a number 2......she scalped me.....tho it will keep me cool.

In the evening we took a trip up to the Sky deck bar, the highest building in Nha Trang which has superb views over the City. We ended our day with a fine dinner at Lanterns restaurant.

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