Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 20 - Skukuza - South Africa

We said. Goodbye to Sabie river bush Lodge and made our way back to Skukuza airport, still stopping on the way to spot more animals. Skukuza airport is actually set in the National park and  after heavy rains we had to cross a narrow bridge where the river was washing over the bridge in parts, we drove over it VERY slowly. 

Skukuza airport is a lovely, small airport, modern with an African feel.  It barely has any walls, a thatched roof and beautifully kept gardens and waterfalls.

When we arrived we were the only two people in the departure lounge, there are no departure boards or tannoy announcements. When its time to board, a guy walks out and shouts "All aboard".

We the took a very smooth forty minute flight back to Johannesburg.                   

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