Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 22 --The Victoria Falls

We made an early start and made our way down to Victoria falls National park, from the entrance you walk down a tree lined path towards the Falls, you actually hear the thunder of the water before you can see them and then you come into a clearing a see this almighty sight of this deluge of water falling nearly 100 meters to the bottom. 

The awesome power of this wall of water is a sight to behold, words are not enough, it’s truly breathtaking and it continues for nearly a mile as you follow it along the path that runs parallel to the falls. Yes, we got completely soaked, but you do not even think about it, you just want to take it all in. We spent just over an hour and half at the falls, which was plenty of time to take in this natural Wonder. 

To dry off we took a walk over the famous railway bridge that separates Zimbabwe from Zambia, the views from the bridge are so impressive and there are lots of colourful characters crossing the border. 

From the bridge we walked about 400 meters to the Outlook cafe which is perched on the walls of the gorge down river from the falls, here we stopped for lunch and a couple of drinks. 

From the cafe it was a 10 minute walk to the impressive Victoria Falls river hotel, Mandy had visited the hotel some 40 years ago and it was an emotional return. 

We sat on the hotel's terrace and enjoyed a cocktail and the superb views across the manicured lawns Before exploring the interior of the hotel with its old colonial decor. I was impressed how welcoming the staff were to us as we were only  day visitors. 

In the evening we drove over to the Victoria falls Safari lodge hotel, a beautiful place with a fine restaurant , before dinner we sat on the deck of the “Buffalo bar” that overlooks a water hole in the bush, we saw a number of animals around the water. 

One of the most impressive sights was the huge sky line, beautiful sunset and cloud formations in the distance, its true, Africa does have huge skies. We had a delicious meal and a front row table overlooking the bush. Rob plumped for the roast Warthog, it was excellent.

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