Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 25 - Table mountain and a whole lot more

On our final day in Cape Town we woke up to an overcast day, which was a real bummer because we had planned to go up Table mountain, so we made our way downtown to the local outdoor Friday markets.


After an hour’s browsing we decided to do the Hop on-Hop off bus tour, the tour was passing the Table Mountain cable station at the foot of the mountain so we hoped the cloud would clear.

As we approached the iconic mountain we could still see cloud on top, we were indecisive about whether to go up or wait. At the last moment we said “lets go for it”, after a smooth cable car ride up to the top we found out that our luck was in and we had those dramatic views from Table mountain overlooking the City of Cape Town. On the Eastern side of the mountain the 12 Apostles were shrouded in cloud giving them a ghostly look.

We continued the bus tour until we reached the V&A waterfront, amongst all the tourist development there still stands a working dry dock, I was fascinated by this, as they say, “You can take the boy out of the shipyard, but”.....Well you know the rest.

We had a very good lunch in the shadow of Table mountain and then did the harbour cruise which was very informative about the history of Cape Town's port and we got to see plenty of seals.

 We finished of our day with a tour around the infamous “District 6” and the the civic center, where the old town hall overlooks the Grand parade, this is where Nelson Mandela gave a speech to over 200,000 people setting out his vision for a new South Africa.

So that was the final full day of our 27 day adventure, it’s been an absolute blast, we have met so many warm and friendly people along the way, seen some wonderful sights, eat and drank too much, had a thousand laughs and we both know how fortunate we have been to make this trip.

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