Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 24 Cape Town and a Wine Tour

Saying goodbye to Vic falls we hopped on the BA flight to Johannesburg which turned out to be quite bumpy 90 minute flight. At Joberg Airport we found a really good micro brewery bar that had a great selection of of Ales that were good value.

After a 2 hour wait at Joberg we boarded another BA flight to Cape Town which took around an hour and a half. We checked into the Long street boutique hotel and checked out the somewhat lively bar street.

The next morning we joined the “Wine Flies” wine tour, we headed out of the City and headed towards the town of Stellenbosch, we visited 5 wine farms that were at in some wonderful country side and tasted over 25 wines. We stopped off at one of the farms for a lovely lunch cooked on the open fire. Our guide for the day was "Legend" pronouced Lejohn and he proved to be very knowledgable and entertaining.

Our final stop was at a farm that specialises in sparkling wines, our guide then split us into teams for a quiz about our tour, with the help of two Dutch guys we managed to win and our prize was a nice bottle of wine.

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